How will it work?

Norfolk Island is an Australian External Territory about 1,670kms from Sydney…. You will book your own holiday… for as many or few days as you wish, pay for your own airfares, transport, accommodation, and food. 

During your stay on the island, you’ll be able to visit the DX-pedition station, learn about DX-peditioning, have a listen, ask questions, and if you wish, spend time on the radio with a friendly, experienced op sitting alongside.  We’ll have CW, SSB and FT8 modes in operation.

Our DX station is based on the Northeast corner of the island.  You can visit the station as much or as little as you wish (during specified hours) and get on the radio as the schedule permits.  For the city dwellers, experience an extremely low noise environment with good all-round antennas for hearing and working the DX. (very high dipoles and well placed verticals)

You can also operate SOTA from Mt Bates (VK9/NO-001) or the local National Park.

If you’d like to know more, please express your interest in attending the 2023 DX-pedition Bootcamp.  We’ll share more information about the format of the event and what you can expect.  The final format will depend on how many people attend, but we expect it will be an informal occasion with camaraderie and a friendly environment to learn about DX-ing. 

There will be a strong emphasis on operating the radio and building practical skills.

Great sight-seeing on Norfolk Island