We plan to have the following radios and modes as a part of the DXpedition Station:

  • HF CW & SSB from 160m through 10m
  • Dedicated FT8 station on all HF Bands
  • Dedicated 6 metre station with a small beam
  • Simple wire antennas for HF (dipoles & verticals)
  • Tea & coffee, water, soft drinks

You can spend time building skills as a Morse code or SSB operator, learning to master FT8 or spend some time listening for DX on 6 metres.

Looking back to the North-West (and our QTH) from Captain Cook’s Look-out

We’ll have experienced operators who can help you, whatever your experience level. If you’d like some dedicated time in front of the radio you can do that. Maybe you’d prefer to watch over someone else’s shoulder.

Elecraft KX3 with SPE Amplifier (our preferred DXpedition radios & amplifiers)

We expect the higher bands will be a lot of fun as the Sun Spot Cycle continues it’s upwards trend.

SOTA & National Parks

Mt Bates is just a 10-15 minute drive from the DXpedition Station. We’ll have the equipment to setup a SOTA station, or you can bring your own gear. Our QTH is located adjacent to the Norfolk Island National Park… you can literally walk into the National Park – its about 20 metres from our front door.

Elecraft KX3 – the perfect SOTA & WWFF Radio

We’ll have six metres with a dedicated 100 watt radio and beam antenna.

The 6 metre beam